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Who i used to be

I was once among the majority of the population that gives a million excuses to skip exercises. I was once someone who found it difficult to drag myself out of the bed every morning. I was once trying hard yet reaching nowhere close to losing my weight. I then had my awakening. I started experiencing joint aches, insomnia, hypertension and every other evil effect that a sedentary lifestyle would bestow upon you and I was still too young to even give up.

That’s when I decided! I decided that I would transform my body by transforming my lifestyle. I enrolled myself into a fitness program and showed serious focus on my body. I cut down on all the unhealthy carbs in my meals. I gave up on junk meals and followed a clean diet as prescribed by my dietician. I took the stairs and avoided the lift. I cut down on the caffeine and resorted to fresher healthier fluids like fruit juice or just plenty of sips of plain cold water